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Mastering Manager Database Profiles and Content Marketing to Catch the Eye of Investors

By Nick Jernberg

Catching the eye of investors requires more than stellar performance. You need a strategic approach for managing database profiles and crafting compelling content marketing strategies. Effective content marketing can help you maximize your database strategy by creating engaging narratives highlighting your firm’s story. This was the central theme of the recent GAMMA webinar, "Mastering Manager Database Profiles and Content Marketing to Catch the Eye of Investors," featuring Trisha O'Donnell, CEO of IMSS, and Dan Sondhelm, CEO of Sondhelm Partners. Here are the critical insights and actionable advice shared during this session.

The Power of Early Database Inclusion

Trisha and Dan emphasized that the criteria for database inclusion have become more accessible to smaller asset managers. Previously, a certain asset size and three years of performance were prerequisites. Now, managers can enter databases with just one year of performance, gaining early visibility and traction.

Trisha explained that while three years of performance remains the "golden rule" for screening, starting with one year helps managers get on the radar early. This initial inclusion sets the stage for future opportunities and can lead to increased follow-ups from potential investors who monitor your performance over time. Managers who embrace this opportunity can use the initial visibility to build relationships and show consistent performance, which can be crucial in securing future investments.

Crafting Comprehensive and Consistent Profiles

Trisha stressed the importance of detailed and consistent database profiles. Your profiles should include narratives that align with your data. Allocators prefer a one-stop shop where they can find everything from fact sheets to legal documents in one place. This approach saves allocators time and ensures they have a complete picture of your capabilities.

Dan added that being in a database isn't enough. Your profiles must be engaging and informative. He shared a story about a small manager who lost a potential allocation because they weren't prepared for the conversation, underscoring the importance of readiness and credibility. Managers need to anticipate questions and prepare thoroughly. It's about having data and discussing and defending it confidently.

The Art of Storytelling

Both Trisha and Dan underscored the significance of storytelling in differentiating asset managers. While performance data is essential, the compelling story behind the numbers captures investors' interest. Dan mentioned that many firms present only facts and figures without weaving a narrative highlighting their passion and strategy.

Dan illustrated this point with a story about a client who stood out by sharing his unique background. The manager was born in another country and had a career in healthcare before transitioning to asset management. By incorporating these elements into his story, he created a narrative that resonated with investors and set him apart from competitors. This example shows how personal and professional experiences can be woven into a compelling narrative. A well-crafted story can also humanize the firm, making it more relatable and memorable to potential investors.

Consistency Across All Platforms

Maintaining consistency in messaging across all platforms, including your website, pitch books, marketing materials, and verbal communications, is crucial. Inconsistencies can lead to confusion and diminish credibility.

Trisha emphasized the importance of regularly updating narratives and ensuring that all marketing materials reflect the same message. She recounted discrepancies between fact sheets and database profiles, leading to misunderstandings and lost opportunities. Consistent messaging helps build a cohesive and trustworthy image. Allocators are more likely to trust and invest in firms that present a unified and consistent message. This enhances the firm's professional image, demonstrating that all team members are aligned and coordinated.

Leveraging Content Marketing

Trisha and Dan discussed the role of content marketing in building a brand and engaging with potential investors. They recommended developing a content calendar to ensure regular and relevant content production. This method helps maintain visibility and demonstrate expertise over time.

Dan highlighted the importance of addressing investors' concerns through content. Think about what keeps your investors up at night and create content that offers solutions. A long-term content strategy, where consistent and high-quality content gradually builds a strong brand presence, is essential. Regular content updates show your firm is active, knowledgeable, and engaged with current market trends. Additionally, various content formats, such as articles, videos, and infographics, can cater to different preferences and increase engagement.

Engaging with Media and Social Media

Engaging with media and using social media wisely were also key points discussed during the webinar. Establishing relationships with journalists and actively participating in media opportunities can enhance visibility. Regular and thoughtful engagement on platforms like LinkedIn can help build a brand and generate leads.

Dan shared an anecdote about a former client who loved media appearances but often strayed off message. This story underscored the importance of staying consistent and relevant in public appearances. Focus on your expertise and ensure your media engagements align with your messaging strategy. Media engagement can significantly boost your firm's visibility and credibility. Proactively contacting journalists with well-crafted pitches can also help secure media coverage that aligns with your brand message.

Integrating Sales and Marketing

Combining sales and marketing efforts is crucial for moving potential investors from interest to investment. Trisha and Dan discussed the need to engage with analysts and understand their needs. Answering questions and asking insightful questions to tailor responses and build stronger relationships is key.

Dan emphasized the importance of training portfolio managers to communicate clearly. He shared a story about a client who struggled with inconsistent messaging during sales meetings. Coaching clients to stay on message and engage meaningfully with analysts improved their chances of securing allocations. Consistent training and practice can enhance the quality of sales presentations. Additionally, aligning sales and marketing efforts ensures that all communications are consistent and reinforce the firm's value proposition.

Efficient RFP Processes

The webinar also covered strategies for making the RFP process more efficient. Trisha recommended using RFP systems and maintaining updated comprehensive answers. She also emphasized the importance of telling a compelling story within RFP responses to differentiate from competitors.

Trisha shared her experience of working with managers to build narrative workbooks. These workbooks ensure that all responses consistently reflect the firm's brand. By regularly updating these narratives, managers can ensure their RFPs align with their marketing messages. Efficient RFP processes can save time and improve the chances of winning new business. Additionally, having a streamlined RFP process allows firms to respond to opportunities quickly and effectively, increasing their chances of success.


The GAMMA webinar, "Mastering Manager Database Profiles and Content Marketing to Catch the Eye of Investors," provided a wealth of insights for asset managers looking to enhance their visibility and attract investors. Trisha O'Donnell and Dan Sondhelm highlighted the critical components of growing AUM, from early database inclusion and comprehensive profiles to storytelling and consistent messaging. By leveraging content marketing, engaging with media, integrating sales and marketing efforts, and maintaining efficient RFP processes, you can significantly improve your chances of catching the eye of institutional investors.

Visit GAMMA to view the webinar replay and learn more about GAMMA's benefits for enhancing your marketing and sales. For personalized insights and expert guidance, contact Trisha O'Donnell and Dan Sondhelm. Trisha O'Donnell, CEO of IMSS, provides comprehensive database management, oversight, and data distribution solutions. Dan Sondhelm, CEO of Sondhelm Partners, specializes in helping asset managers attract capital and build brands.

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